Monday, 9 March 2009

A different perspective

But one I am sure I'm going to see a lot of.

Isobel loves her new shoes, as we motor along she kicks her feet, she
stops when we stop, and starts again we do.

Maybe it's her not me powering the buggy?!

(The reason behind this post is that I'm trying to get used to the
idea of selling our lovely flower power pram.)

1 comment:

stefanie said...

think of it this way instead...if/when you have another baby ( and i really hope you do as it would be a shame to limit your talents to one beautiful small person) you can buy a new pram..
love me
i have to get used to not having any more children 4 is my chosen limit but if a crafty bugger slips through the net i would be delighted..sort of !