Saturday, 14 March 2009

A list

Here is a list of all the ways I was probably a bad mum today:

I fed my baby smoked salmon;

I left the stairgate open and she climbed up the first stair before I
caught her;

The bottom kitchen drawer was emptied yet again, and it contains all
sorts of odds and sods;

Isobel rode her trike into town, I didn't even think about getting her
helmet until I wrote the last post. Does she really need one for a

Then I fed her vegetable samosa and there was bacon in her butternut
squash risotto;

And we don't have a non-slip mat in the bath.

Remind me never to write a list like this again, it makes me feel bad and
we had such a lovely day.

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stefanie said...

whats wrong with vegetable samosa ? or bacon in the risotto.
shall i make a similar list for will make you feel better i promise.
we dont even have a stair gate so i am always collecting murphy from the third stair.we dont have a non slip bath mat.never have had.we dont have kitchen cupboard doors i have a fire guard as a tempory measure to stop him getting at the domestos,but all other cupboards and drawers are fair game. he had a great time today when he emptied the grape nuts on the kitchen floor.we have a fire guard round the wood burning stove but it isnt attached to anything so when he pulls himself up at it ,it falls ontop of him(the one in kitchen IS attached) he sleeps in my bed without a bed guard.i fed him pancakes with maple syrup tonight.

you really shouldnt let her ride her bike into town all by her own self !

love me