Friday, 6 March 2009

Now we are one

It seems traditional to blog stats at a time like this.

Isobel weighs: less than her NCT pals, well according to the trusted
method of 'I'll lift your baby, you lift mine'; I haven't had her
weighed for months.

Isobel's height: well she still fits 6-9 month trousers, but the
dresses are a little short.

Isobel has a Buddha tummy, I rub it and it always makes me feel better
even if it doesn't bring me luck.

Favourite food: roast chicken dinner, especially when made by her daddy.

Vocabulary: definately says no and goodbye. Mummy thinks she says:
home, dadda, look and hello.

One thing I am sure of is her shoe size: 3f.

We have her first shoes to prove it.

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