Friday, 27 March 2009

Don't you love me baby

Poor Isobel is a bit bit bemused at the moment.

Mummy isn't playing so much, there aren't so many scoop-you-up-and-cuddle-yous going on. And Mummy keeps doing A LOT of deep breathing - all very odd.

But you see, Mummy has put her back out, twice in less than a week, is walking like a duck and saying ouch (or something close) quite a lot. It appears to be actually quite difficult to look after a one year old when sudden forward bending movements are a no-no.

To add insult to injury (literally) I seem to be replacing yoga with food, which does not a yummy-mummy make. So I really am proving to be neither use nor ornament.

It will pass.

Poor PD did his best to relieve the pressure yesterday, but was thwarted a little by the rail system. I was hoping to have help this evening but that's gone slightly awry too.

I thought I was pretty independent, but I guess the universe is teaching me to be more so!

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