Sunday, 1 March 2009

Presents and presence

(I started this post Sunday night)

Wow, I am still in shock. But I need to say some thank yous and post some pics.

Let me start with another then and now:

It's safe to say peeps came from far and wide for Isobel's birthday: My family came up from the Isle of Wight, so I guess that's pretty far; and then Jo and Houzla came from North London,; Clare and Vin from Reading; Linda and Sue from Eastish London and peeps from places in between, so I guess that's pretty wide.

Now, while presence is presents, Isobel got cool presents too. Books, puppets and puppets in books; pushchairs, phones and puzzles; bubbles and bath toys; clothes and hats; and a teepee from Mummy and Daddy. Thank you, thank you for all that. xx

I think I got the bestest present though. No, not just my little girl, or the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends, although those are pretty cool. PD made me a book, a hardback book of photos from his blog, a beautifully inscribed book, made with a whole lotta love. Thank you PD and thank you for the quote:
'Mother is the name for god in the lips and hearts of little children.' xxxx

Isobel wore her first party dress

Blew out her first candle (with help)

And ate her first chocolate cake (with less help)

Pretty cool young Nicholas, resplendent in one of the Indian headdresses I had made, followed the happy birthday song with a 'hip hip hooray'!

But I think this was Isobel's favourite bit

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