Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Don't tell Germaine

I have never been one to worry about political correctness, I never felt the need to compete in a 'mans world' (funny as I am one of the few girls in my field), I am happy that I am able to carry my own bag or open doors so I can enjoy these things being done for me.

But, I am aware of need for positive role models for girls. Personally I think not presenting it as an issue means it shouldn't ever be one.

As the person my daughter most wants to dress like I know fat isn't an issue. I have never actually heard her refer to anyone as fat.

All this wonderful work seems to be going nowhere. (I say work but it wasn't really a conscious decision.)

Recently little girl has got into the habit of reading magazines on the loo (I have a Loo Read magazine rack in the bathroom). Normally, the reading material consists of Living Magazine and we laugh at the funny chairs. This week, drawn by a free lip gloss, we had Marie Claire.

The cover had the beautiful Audrey Tatou

who little girl said looked like a witch!

The back shows Kate Moss looking slightly slutty.

And it is Kate Moss she decides is beautiful!

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sea bands (sung to the tune of 'Feelings')

To say little girl suffers from travel sickness is a tad of an understatement.  There have been many a trip to the Island that has ended with me ringing Grandma and asking her to come out with a towel to wrap a vomit soaked child in.  I think the most spectacular one was on the ferry where she managed to cover me in vomit too – nice.
Imagine my deep joy when we were sent some Seabands to review. I have tried everything else: not feeding her before a trip; lifting the headrest on the seat in front so she has a clearer view out of the windscreen, and trying to improve my driving.  All of this has had some success, but I welcomed the ‘magic bracelets’ as we called them.
They came in various colours and the pink was chosen for first review.  And I must admit the trip they were worn, the one where little girl didn’t sleep, she wasn’t sick.  
She did complain of feeling poorly but to be honest I think what she meant was she was bored as she kept asking if we could either ‘stop the car and get out now mummy’ or ‘are we at the ferry boat yet, mummy’.
I’d count that as a success but we shall see.  I think one of the issues is making sure you have them on her correctly.  On the adult bands it says make them two finger widths away from the wrist, what is that on a child? Two of her fingers? One of mine?
We will use them again and again in the hope that either the psychological or, if I position them right, the physical will keep us vomit free, because as we say in our house it’s all a bit ‘yucky-da’ otherwise.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Alls well that ends well

You know when you have one of those days that had no right to turn out well but it does?

Well, I have just had one of those.

Today was far too full, far too busy, yet actually left me feeling far more positive than I deserve.

It started at 7 when a young girl with red hair arrived to take my child to nursery but didn't take the keys so the pm pick up couldn't get back in.

I drove 90minutes away to attend a training course. Returned home to a not bathed and ready for bed child because they had to shelter at a friends house because without keys they couldn't get in.

I had a glampervan pick up at 7pm that I had forgotten about and had to duck out of my course to do the insurance.

My child played in the puddles in just her crocs, well she had clothes but her feet were clad only in crocs, you know what I mean!

I got little girl to bed at 7:30 to have three of my favourite people arrive 15 minutes later for supper.

Hey ho, in a funny way I'm sad today is over.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Just because I don't iron her pjs, it doesn't mean I don't love her

Last night I found myself basking in the glory of being a good mum.

What fantastic piece of parenting had me awarding myself this accolade?

Little girl and I took a bath together both equally saturated in anti-nit shampoo.

Surely sharing a nit comb has to be the ultimate expression of motherly love?

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

The best repellant

The bio on my blog says I'm a 'love f*ckwit' and never has that been more the case than right now.

To be honest I'm getting kind of bored with the drama I seem to create for myself. I have only just realised how lonely I am.

I spun a good line about how great my life is; how I don't know how I would make room for someone else; I'm so busy changing careers I don't have time; I have a three year old no love left over for anyone else...

I wore this story very well, the armour fended off suitors a little too well. By time I realised I didn't want to wear the armour and that perhaps my stories weren't entirely true, it was too late.

Ho hum, at least I know now. I know that as happy as I can be alone it doesn't have to be at the expense of being with someone and maybe even being a family.

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

At last a family resemblance

And I don't just mean the t-shirts

Thanks Nick, for proving she is my daughter!

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My baby's got blue...


The last two Sundays little girl has done her very best to become a water baby. But, with the English summer not quite fulfilling its role on both occasions I have had to remove a shivering-teeth-chattering-‘I’m not cold mummy’-protesting little girl from the water or waters edge.

Last week it was the sea and building swimming pools with her Uncle Ross (who is, it has to be said, a digging dervish); a pastime that she gave up and went to building beds – complete with a blanket with Auntie Amanda – a much warmer pursuit.

A day so pleasantly exhausting little girl pretty much passed out before I had done up the straps on her car seat.

But, and this is a celebratory ‘Woo-hoo but’, there were moments, long moments when little girl was happy to play alone while I finished chatting with my Aunt. I can see a time when I will sit serenely on a blanket reading a book while my daughter plays beautifully beside me! (Well, maybe for a ten minute period at least)

This Sunday I was probably the only mum on the world filling up a paddling pool from the kettle and the hot tap.

But when you see how much was had with her friend, running from the pool to the trampoline to warm up, it was well worth it

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Remains of the day

Tonight little girl has gone to bed with flowers painted on her face and minnie mouse balloon floating above her head.

I think she enjoyed going to the fair with daddy.

If she's anything like her mother this won't be the last time she goes to bed without removing her make up.

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