Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Don't tell Germaine

I have never been one to worry about political correctness, I never felt the need to compete in a 'mans world' (funny as I am one of the few girls in my field), I am happy that I am able to carry my own bag or open doors so I can enjoy these things being done for me.

But, I am aware of need for positive role models for girls. Personally I think not presenting it as an issue means it shouldn't ever be one.

As the person my daughter most wants to dress like I know fat isn't an issue. I have never actually heard her refer to anyone as fat.

All this wonderful work seems to be going nowhere. (I say work but it wasn't really a conscious decision.)

Recently little girl has got into the habit of reading magazines on the loo (I have a Loo Read magazine rack in the bathroom). Normally, the reading material consists of Living Magazine and we laugh at the funny chairs. This week, drawn by a free lip gloss, we had Marie Claire.

The cover had the beautiful Audrey Tatou

who little girl said looked like a witch!

The back shows Kate Moss looking slightly slutty.

And it is Kate Moss she decides is beautiful!

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