Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sea bands (sung to the tune of 'Feelings')

To say little girl suffers from travel sickness is a tad of an understatement.  There have been many a trip to the Island that has ended with me ringing Grandma and asking her to come out with a towel to wrap a vomit soaked child in.  I think the most spectacular one was on the ferry where she managed to cover me in vomit too – nice.
Imagine my deep joy when we were sent some Seabands to review. I have tried everything else: not feeding her before a trip; lifting the headrest on the seat in front so she has a clearer view out of the windscreen, and trying to improve my driving.  All of this has had some success, but I welcomed the ‘magic bracelets’ as we called them.
They came in various colours and the pink was chosen for first review.  And I must admit the trip they were worn, the one where little girl didn’t sleep, she wasn’t sick.  
She did complain of feeling poorly but to be honest I think what she meant was she was bored as she kept asking if we could either ‘stop the car and get out now mummy’ or ‘are we at the ferry boat yet, mummy’.
I’d count that as a success but we shall see.  I think one of the issues is making sure you have them on her correctly.  On the adult bands it says make them two finger widths away from the wrist, what is that on a child? Two of her fingers? One of mine?
We will use them again and again in the hope that either the psychological or, if I position them right, the physical will keep us vomit free, because as we say in our house it’s all a bit ‘yucky-da’ otherwise.

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