Monday, 31 May 2010

Forget the other animals this post is about my family

You know how cool it is to be surrounded by wonderful people who make you feel cool too?

I do.

I feel that way at all my family gatherings when I am surrounded by my cousins. Be it a happy or a sad occasion I love their company.

Last year my cousin Verity married the charming Owen and that very happy social occasion breathed life back into me.

Grandad passed away, and we drank far too much, slept in bunk beds and generally came together as a family.

Most recently my brother Ross and his lovely Mando married;they even took the brave step if having a two year old as a flower girl (luckily their other two flower girls were perfectly behaved) and the family danced again, as it seems only our family can. (My school friend was the Registrar - how grown up does that make me?)

Is it just that cousins is one of those relationships that demands nothing but means so much?

I can only hope that everyone feels this secure in their extended family as I do.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Our favourite kind of weekend

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Friday, 14 May 2010

Is it really hip to be square?

I have heard some wonderful toddler road rage stories, stories containing words that I am not sure I should type. The best story I have ever heard came from my boss, but I won't put it down here. If you meet me ask me, it really is the best story ever.

I do remember thinking to myself when I was pregnant that perhaps my use of the F word, which while not exactly profligate, was regular, would have to be curtailed.

But instead of being proud of the fact that my daughter doesn't swear I must admit to being disappointed that I have no tale to tell.

When we are stuck in traffic my little girl says 'scuse me car'. She say 'oops' when she drops things; giggles when she farts and says excuse me when she burps. She watches the 'television' not the telly.

She is a nice girl.

And her mother is obviously a square non-potty mouth.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Gallery - men

This weeks photographic challenge in Sticky Fingers Gallery is Men.

For good or bad the main man in mine and little girl's lives is PD.

We are not together in the traditional sence of the word. Let's face it sometimes we are SO not together.

But, mostly we all love each other dearly.

I can't imagine what it will be like when we have to share him, but let's face it, it won't be as hard as when he has to share US.

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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Skip to the loo my darling

This is my entry for the song title carnival. Given that the highlight of my day has been that my daughter has had a completely dry knicker day.

So, while I'm not qualified to give advice I can tell you what we did.

We waited. We waited until isobel was ready. Yes, she has been sitting on the loo for ages, but she has used it more as a library than a recepticle.

Last week things changed: Every night following her bedtime milk, we brushed teeth, sat on the loo and hey presto it happened! EVERY night.

This is why I decided to get on with it Two (very loooong) days at home to get it going. First wee on potty and she decided potty wasn't for her.

Nursery kind of helped and didn't; by Thursday they popped her in a nappy, while telling me pull ups were just the same.

We've used 'big girls knickers' and by that I don't mean Bridget Jones pants. Pull ups just for rare risky situations, but she still asks to go to the loo when wearing pull ups.

And in the last couple of days we have added a star chart to the mix. It's by the toilet so she can apply the stars in-situ.

So we are on day seven and I'm hoping the worst is done; I say worst but it really hasn't been too bad.

No, I haven't kept my daughter locked in the loo. We have been to the park, the cafe and the supermarket; poor little girl has been dragged to the loo in each of these places, well not the park.

(Confession: I hate public loos, it's only in the last few years that I have dared venture in them. Something tells me I will be visiting them a more frequently from now on. OMG imagine taking little girl into a portaloo at festival time, especially as she doesn't like it if someone has left 'messages' in the loo. Where did I put the nappies?)

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Sponsored post - Beauty I try to be, 21 I am most definitely not

I am a mascara hussy, I really am.  It is the only piece of make-up I could not possibly live without; I would resort to coal dust if I had to.

So, I was quite excited when, my package arrived from Beauty21 containing 'sexy curves' mascara.  I have many, many curves of my own and to balance these curves with lashes is always my mission.  Loved the mascara but you see I am a weeper so I have to waterproof all the way, but that was ok I just layered on another favourite on top.

Not so sure about the orangy lipgloss though - but Isobel loves it.

Anywhere you can mix all you favourite brands is good for me - I mean who hasn't spent hours in Boots!  So in my package I had Rimmel and Elizabeth Arden Bronzer plus brush - looks good in compact but I haven't braved it yet, but I am sure I will!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Seven days, seven things

I was tagged for a Meme by Muddling Along Mummy but it is one I have done before plus I really don't think there are seven things you don't know about me!

So I thought I'd tell you 7 things I have done in the last seven days simply because I actually HAVE seven things to tell you.

1. This time last week I had been drinking champagne for two hours and was to find myself stumbling out of a bar at 2am, feeling very proud of myself for partying, flirting and laughing.

2. I had my first MacDonalds in recent history - I'd forgotten how good a cheese burger can be!

3. On Wednesday I taught Kriss Akabusi a short meditation.

4. I have lost 4lbs on the Dukan Diet - I can now get into my dress for a wedding in a few weeks (no not mine)

5. I have started a counselling course and have a feeling my tutor (it's online) is actually the brother of an ex boyfriend and I don't think he ever liked me, especially after I broke his brother's heart. But that was a long-time ago I'm sure he won't grade me accordingly will he?

6. I have potty trained my daughter - well made a blooming good start.

7. Started looking for my vocation

It has been a fantastic seven days, thanks to many many people in my life.  This award (maybe without the blogger bit) is for you.

Friday, 7 May 2010

A lonely only

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Yes, it’s a hung parliament and the country is going to hell in a boat but we have no idea what colours the sails are yet.  Yes, I am glued to the bbc as I type this (luckily I have two monitors at work; no this doesn’t make me important) but I flipped to the Guardian and my heart has sunk.


In Life and Style I have been educated about the phrase ‘lonely only’; I have heard how depressing it can be to look out the window and see your child playing on their own.


So, I am now adding to my basic mother guilt, not only the guilt of being a single parent family, but the guilt that my daughter will, undoubtedly, be an only child.


What does this conjure up to you?









Monday, 3 May 2010


So Friday I arrived at nursery to find my daughter howling and screaming lying on the floor having inflicted a non-fatal-but-red-mark-making blow to her best friend. All over a singing Christmas Tree.


But, Saturday morning we met up with the same best friend for coffee and you have never seen two little girls play so well: Isobel shared her Albert and her sunglasses, while I guiltily confessed that it was indeed my child who had caused the red mark that was by now barely visible.

Sunday while I drank away a hangover we had more friends for lunch and, for the most part, Isobel shared beautifully with little 'vieve. Ok, there was a tussle over a Ben and Holly mobile phone, but generally all was good and it was great to hangout.

Elif popped in and again you could see the love between Isobel and her BFF. They have their own private jokes, silly jigs and songs - they really are real little people. It's hard to imagine them fighting.

After such a social weekend - including real-life partying to the wee hours on my part (I am a real person - yay for me) - today's solitary confinement has been fun but bloomin long.

So with all this good behaviour why are we in solitary confinement?

We are Potty training