Monday, 5 November 2012

Pfffft *blows off the dust*

Pfffft *blows off the dust*

Ah, there you are, I can see you now.

As Isobel starts school next week I realised how much I have missed the little hidden hole of musings.

I've had no-one to tell about little girl's fascination with Holby and how that has meant I have had to explain about heart transplants mean taking a heart from some one who no longer needs it - 'because they are dead mummy?' - and giving to someone whose heart is broken. I'm dreading the requests I will now get when she breaks up with her first love.

Little wants me to scoot her to school. By that I mean get my substantial bottom and uncoordinated feet onto a scooter myself. Not sure what is saddest: the request or tha fact that I am considering it.

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