Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hello, remember me?

Hello Blog,


You may not remember me, but I am the Surprise Mum in your title.


I am the mum that loved you, that loved expressing myself on your ever waiting pages.  I used you to celebrate the triumphs of motherhood, to dispel myths and more than occasionally to weep into.


Where have I been lately?  The answer is no where.  You became a ‘should’ a source of shame if I looked at stats and yet another stick to beat myself with.  So, I stopped sharing my daily joys with you.  Silly, right?


So what have you missed?


Me tweeting things like this:


Zoe (@Surprisedzoe)
19/01/2012 08:15
I was banished from little girls boudoir this morning. Her style is all her own



Morning conversations with my nearly four year old – oh yes she is nearly four now, how time flies.  Morning conversations that go something like this:


LG (little girl): Mummy, is the Isle of Wight on the same planet as Twickenham? (be careful I can hear what you are thinking!)




LG: Mummy is it summer now Christmas has gone?


The fact the little girl seems to have become somewhat used to breakfast in bed, my bed.  Yep I love her enough to allow both crumbs and jam.


Me signing up to internet dating that failing miserably to answer any messages I get sent.  My prince will come, but probably not riding on an email.


Am I back blogging again?  Honest answer I don’t know.  This blog was once a joy and a massive source of pride and opportunity but I’m not sure where I am with it at the mo.  I have so many things I need to be writing, not just blog posts, that I never seem to write anything.  I may have even stopped writing blogposts in my head.


Anyway, we shall see.  Time will tell.  Time is a great healer …..


So watch this space.



PS.  We haven’t got the cat yet but little girl seems convinced we are getting a ‘hungry cat’.


PPS. No loft conversion appeared in my stocking