Friday, 20 August 2010

I will be a good mum and start sewing for baba tomorrow promise

Today I made this from the free coffee date dress pattern on It need jigging, but I think it's ok:

(will look better with a bra!)

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Suffering for my art!

That's a very grand title and probably not entirely true.

Actually my blog has been suffering for the sake of my sewing...

On Wednesday evening I made this butterfly dress with fabric from and a pattern from

On Thursday evening I made this

Then I went to the Isle of Wight...

Then yesterday evening I made this outfit

The skirt was an eBay dress and I ran the top up.

Tonight I have cut out the pieces for a dress, but it looks frightfully small!

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Hipstamatic - my weekend seventies stylie

Loving the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone!

And loving the seaside if course...

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

How old am I?

I have just been to a school friend's party, in a sixth form haunt; I was driven there by step-father and picked up by mummy.

How old do you think I am?

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Friday, 13 August 2010

Always a day away

At 4:30 this morning I had definitive proof that my baba has a grasp of days and time.

She doesn't always remember the days of the week but recognises them as markers in space time continuum (no, Isobel doesn't use those exact words, that would be freaky!).

Yesterday we had much chat about how we were grandma's tomorrow, Isobel pointed out that that was after sleep, a good start of the recognition.

At 4:30 this morning little girl was standing up in her cot singing 'i go to grandma's today!'.

If my head hadn't been buried under my pillow I would have joined in.

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Yes, you guessed it - Isobel is wearing Crocs.

This is something I fought a long hard internal battle over.

The fact that Al Pacino wears them didn't stop me signing up to the 'when-I-see-Crocs-I-throw-up-a-little-in-my-mouth' club.

But, after going through a pair of expensive sandals in a day, I begun to see why they could be good for little ones who drag their feet while riding cars. My cousin Katy would have certainly stubbed her toe less if she'd had them growing up.

This little debate has gone on for more than a month; I discussed it with other Croc haters and we agreed we couldn't do it.

But, I was wavering.

Then when we went Camping and I saw Erica had given in and bought 'Vieve a pair, I knew it would all be ok.

I am still a gladihater though and will not be buying Crocs or Gladiators for myself. But I said that about fitflops...

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Cooking the books

I am an accountant in denial; one who really hates numbers and spreadsheets.

My daughter loves playing with a calculator, although I am happy to say she uses it as a telephone.

But seriously, cooking the books?

Ps. I'd rather she was a pirate

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Friday, 6 August 2010

The one in which we attempt to be literary - well nearly

Hi my name is surprise mum and I am a book addict.

That actually wasn't a tough admission, it's try I am a voracious reader, I devour books and consume them like some people do chocolate. My favourite people tend to be the same.

As Isobel is definitely one of my favourite people and she is heading the same way, so we have been reading ALOT; and like all little bookworms we are big fans of the Gruffalo and all things Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler.

I suspect everyone has heard the theory that there are only actually seven stories, and everything is a variation upon a theme but I was very surprised to hear a Turkish fairy story where the Hodja (wise man) advises a man who feels his house is cramped to take in all his pets and then remove them in order to appreciate the space he has - Squash and a Squeeze anyone?

Then I was reading the new Scarlett Thomas book the other day (a great book, full of fascinating literariness, has inspired me to read Aristotle's Poetics next), and one of the characters recounts a chinese fairy tale about a tiger who captures a fox. the fox makes the tiger walk behind him to prove that actually the fox is the scariest animal - sounding familiar?

At first I admit to being miffed that they weren't original stories, but now I think good on them for invigorating the originals, if they carry on like this we have many more to look forward to but I'd love to know which one inspired The Snail and the Whale.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mummy fail - yet again

I really didn't think being a mum would be easy.

I never wanted to have a perfect angel child, because somehow children that are too good give me the creeps.

I always wanted a child with something about her, a bit of a spark, an adorable cheekiness.

I certainly never intended to spoil my child.

But most of all, I thought I would be FAR FAR better at discipline than I am.

I'm as firm as my thighs (clue: I haven't done yoga for months!, my voice becomes so high pitched I can join in with the twilight barking and I have no idea why evolution gave us whining.

I think I will just go sit on the naughty step a while.*

*I tried the naughty step on Isobel and she thought it was funny, so funny she would come back in smack PD again and say 'I go sit on step', she would sit on the step and repeat the whole exercise.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Gallery Play

Sticky Fingers: The Gallery: Week 22

I love this camping picture.  It was the evening, and Isobel was running towards me, still playing as the sun sets.

Yes, at last I have managed to take part in The Gallery!  (Even if I did use this as an excuse to repost a picture from Monday)

Monday, 2 August 2010

We went glamping in a Glampervan

I've never really been camping before, well not in this country but on the basis of a romantic notion I went ahead and bought a campervan.

Yes I set up Glampervan to help me pay for it, but the main purpose was to literally provide a vehicle for entertainment and travel for me and my little girl.

It would be dreadful if we hated it. We didn't even hire one first.

Luckily we loved it. We took more seasoned campers with us on our first trip, Erica-May and Genevieve were our guides and although we heard more 'mine!'s from the two girls than we did bird song from the trees, we couldn't have asked for better company.

This may have been my first trip but I already feel qualified to offer words of wisdom (yes, I'll show you pictures in a minute but 'stuff' first:

Baking scones before you go means instant cream tea and happy campers!

Take pre-cooked chicken and sausages so that on your first evening and morning you can throw these on on the barbie and dinner will be ready in a time frame suited to two year olds.

Garlic bread and corn-on-the-cob cook well just wrapped in the fire and placed in the coals.

If the log man comes late on day one buy two bags so you can light the fire for supper before little girls want to go to bed - genius Erica, pure genius.

Make wishes on sugar sprites in the fire - sprinkle sugar and see the sprites.

Make sure your daughter wakes up peacefully and slowly on her last morning or she will be grumpy and cry for the television and her cot the whole time you pack up - this will not make that chore any easier.

Hand written signs on the side of the road are worth following for a little fair magic.

Oh, and it may take three attempts for a much asked for pony ride to be successful.

The camper may also provide hours of fun.