Monday, 2 August 2010

We went glamping in a Glampervan

I've never really been camping before, well not in this country but on the basis of a romantic notion I went ahead and bought a campervan.

Yes I set up Glampervan to help me pay for it, but the main purpose was to literally provide a vehicle for entertainment and travel for me and my little girl.

It would be dreadful if we hated it. We didn't even hire one first.

Luckily we loved it. We took more seasoned campers with us on our first trip, Erica-May and Genevieve were our guides and although we heard more 'mine!'s from the two girls than we did bird song from the trees, we couldn't have asked for better company.

This may have been my first trip but I already feel qualified to offer words of wisdom (yes, I'll show you pictures in a minute but 'stuff' first:

Baking scones before you go means instant cream tea and happy campers!

Take pre-cooked chicken and sausages so that on your first evening and morning you can throw these on on the barbie and dinner will be ready in a time frame suited to two year olds.

Garlic bread and corn-on-the-cob cook well just wrapped in the fire and placed in the coals.

If the log man comes late on day one buy two bags so you can light the fire for supper before little girls want to go to bed - genius Erica, pure genius.

Make wishes on sugar sprites in the fire - sprinkle sugar and see the sprites.

Make sure your daughter wakes up peacefully and slowly on her last morning or she will be grumpy and cry for the television and her cot the whole time you pack up - this will not make that chore any easier.

Hand written signs on the side of the road are worth following for a little fair magic.

Oh, and it may take three attempts for a much asked for pony ride to be successful.

The camper may also provide hours of fun.


Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Oh wow. Sounds and looks absolutely fantastic. I want one. You know I always used to dream about travelling round Europe in an orange VW camper van, painted with huge flowers.

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Tasha I'm sure we can do you a great discount...

Or we'll come to your neck of the woods for a glamping trip and you guys can come and hang out!

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Sadly, I am licenceless. But, yes, come to Stroud. Come for the Stroud Fringe Festival in September (3rd to 5th), in fact. I'm fairly certain you would both love it.

Marrrena said...


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Helen @ Business Plus Baby said...

Sounds fantastic, I'm really looking forward to going camping again although I haven't been brave enough so far as our kids are aged only 1 and 2. A trip to the shops was an expedition until just recently! Thanks for entering the blog carnival and what a great idea for a business.