Monday, 5 November 2012

Pfffft *blows off the dust*

Pfffft *blows off the dust*

Ah, there you are, I can see you now.

As Isobel starts school next week I realised how much I have missed the little hidden hole of musings.

I've had no-one to tell about little girl's fascination with Holby and how that has meant I have had to explain about heart transplants mean taking a heart from some one who no longer needs it - 'because they are dead mummy?' - and giving to someone whose heart is broken. I'm dreading the requests I will now get when she breaks up with her first love.

Little wants me to scoot her to school. By that I mean get my substantial bottom and uncoordinated feet onto a scooter myself. Not sure what is saddest: the request or tha fact that I am considering it.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mummy

I may not be there to make you breakfast in bed (I made Little Girl breakfast in bed today), but I am thinking of you.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hello, remember me?

Hello Blog,


You may not remember me, but I am the Surprise Mum in your title.


I am the mum that loved you, that loved expressing myself on your ever waiting pages.  I used you to celebrate the triumphs of motherhood, to dispel myths and more than occasionally to weep into.


Where have I been lately?  The answer is no where.  You became a ‘should’ a source of shame if I looked at stats and yet another stick to beat myself with.  So, I stopped sharing my daily joys with you.  Silly, right?


So what have you missed?


Me tweeting things like this:


Zoe (@Surprisedzoe)
19/01/2012 08:15
I was banished from little girls boudoir this morning. Her style is all her own



Morning conversations with my nearly four year old – oh yes she is nearly four now, how time flies.  Morning conversations that go something like this:


LG (little girl): Mummy, is the Isle of Wight on the same planet as Twickenham? (be careful I can hear what you are thinking!)




LG: Mummy is it summer now Christmas has gone?


The fact the little girl seems to have become somewhat used to breakfast in bed, my bed.  Yep I love her enough to allow both crumbs and jam.


Me signing up to internet dating that failing miserably to answer any messages I get sent.  My prince will come, but probably not riding on an email.


Am I back blogging again?  Honest answer I don’t know.  This blog was once a joy and a massive source of pride and opportunity but I’m not sure where I am with it at the mo.  I have so many things I need to be writing, not just blog posts, that I never seem to write anything.  I may have even stopped writing blogposts in my head.


Anyway, we shall see.  Time will tell.  Time is a great healer …..


So watch this space.



PS.  We haven’t got the cat yet but little girl seems convinced we are getting a ‘hungry cat’.


PPS. No loft conversion appeared in my stocking




Thursday, 5 January 2012

The UN has nothing on me

Oh my have the chats in my house got a hell of a lot more interesting since little girl turned 3 and 3/4.

There was the 'you are quite old mummy so someone will marry you' chat.

The conversation comparing a friend to big Karina at nursery and the use of the F word - Fat. I think I came out quite well in this conversation because, apparently, I'm not fat I'm 'just short like me mummy'.

Then there was the inevitable 'why do Charlotte's mummy and daddy live in the same house?'

Oh boy, I knew it was coming one day and I found it quite amusing that it had come that way round especially as all her friends are from 'normal' families.
My answer was that 'we are special but most children have Mummy and Daddy in the same house'. It seemed to satisfy her. So far, bullets easily dodged.

If I tell you that I could have done with full body armour for the next one I suspect you'll be able to guess what it was about.

Oh yes, two months shy of little girls fourth birthday it has started to get more tricky:

'mummy, do you have a baby in your tummy?'

Um, no darling I just had a big lunch...

'Can we go to the shops and buy a baby to put in your tummy?'

'It doesn't quite work like that. You have to make a baby (wtf was I thinking here?!)'

'Why did Erica decide to make a baby to put in her tummy?'

' Ummm Can WE make a baby mummy? Please mummy. We could call it Oliver. Not the same as Erica's Oliver but one of our very own.'

'Well, you need a mummy and a daddy in the same house to make a baby. ( not strictly true I know but .... Heeeelllllpppp)'

' Well mummy. Next time daddy comes to visit you two could make a baby. That idea mummy? That's a good plan isn't it mummy? I'm a clever clogs aren't I mummy? So can we?'

'Maybe we'll get cat darling'