Monday, 3 May 2010


So Friday I arrived at nursery to find my daughter howling and screaming lying on the floor having inflicted a non-fatal-but-red-mark-making blow to her best friend. All over a singing Christmas Tree.


But, Saturday morning we met up with the same best friend for coffee and you have never seen two little girls play so well: Isobel shared her Albert and her sunglasses, while I guiltily confessed that it was indeed my child who had caused the red mark that was by now barely visible.

Sunday while I drank away a hangover we had more friends for lunch and, for the most part, Isobel shared beautifully with little 'vieve. Ok, there was a tussle over a Ben and Holly mobile phone, but generally all was good and it was great to hangout.

Elif popped in and again you could see the love between Isobel and her BFF. They have their own private jokes, silly jigs and songs - they really are real little people. It's hard to imagine them fighting.

After such a social weekend - including real-life partying to the wee hours on my part (I am a real person - yay for me) - today's solitary confinement has been fun but bloomin long.

So with all this good behaviour why are we in solitary confinement?

We are Potty training

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KendallJaye said...

I totally lucked out with the potty. Mini-Me simply said "I wanna go in the big potty." And after that only missed overnight (because she's a heavy sleeper and would not even wakeup). She would have none of the kiddie-sized one. I think she just liked to flush. :)