Saturday, 8 May 2010

Seven days, seven things

I was tagged for a Meme by Muddling Along Mummy but it is one I have done before plus I really don't think there are seven things you don't know about me!

So I thought I'd tell you 7 things I have done in the last seven days simply because I actually HAVE seven things to tell you.

1. This time last week I had been drinking champagne for two hours and was to find myself stumbling out of a bar at 2am, feeling very proud of myself for partying, flirting and laughing.

2. I had my first MacDonalds in recent history - I'd forgotten how good a cheese burger can be!

3. On Wednesday I taught Kriss Akabusi a short meditation.

4. I have lost 4lbs on the Dukan Diet - I can now get into my dress for a wedding in a few weeks (no not mine)

5. I have started a counselling course and have a feeling my tutor (it's online) is actually the brother of an ex boyfriend and I don't think he ever liked me, especially after I broke his brother's heart. But that was a long-time ago I'm sure he won't grade me accordingly will he?

6. I have potty trained my daughter - well made a blooming good start.

7. Started looking for my vocation

It has been a fantastic seven days, thanks to many many people in my life.  This award (maybe without the blogger bit) is for you.


BNM said...

right then out with it , how did you manage the potty training in 7 days - Car refuses to sit on it (unless she's clothed) and even though I know when she's been will not even consider running around nappy less!

Laura McIntyre said...

Sounds like an exciting week. Good luck with the toilet can be um fun lol

Muddling Along Mummy said...

A great week!