Friday, 14 May 2010

Is it really hip to be square?

I have heard some wonderful toddler road rage stories, stories containing words that I am not sure I should type. The best story I have ever heard came from my boss, but I won't put it down here. If you meet me ask me, it really is the best story ever.

I do remember thinking to myself when I was pregnant that perhaps my use of the F word, which while not exactly profligate, was regular, would have to be curtailed.

But instead of being proud of the fact that my daughter doesn't swear I must admit to being disappointed that I have no tale to tell.

When we are stuck in traffic my little girl says 'scuse me car'. She say 'oops' when she drops things; giggles when she farts and says excuse me when she burps. She watches the 'television' not the telly.

She is a nice girl.

And her mother is obviously a square non-potty mouth.


Muddling Along Mummy said...

I'd consider that to be a mega achievement !

I've a potty mouth but so far we have done ok avoiding her picking it up

nixdminx said...

wow, good for you, I am the world's worst swearer, even on my own I swear at myself. It's so bad I'm going to try elastic band aversion therapy. That's when you put a band around your wrist and ping it everytime you do your bad habit. The only problem is I'm sure I will swear about how much it effing hurts.

Hearth-mother said...

Would rather be in your position. My three year old said the 'f-word' yesterday, in something approximating the right context. Not happy!