Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sponsored post - Beauty I try to be, 21 I am most definitely not

I am a mascara hussy, I really am.  It is the only piece of make-up I could not possibly live without; I would resort to coal dust if I had to.

So, I was quite excited when, my package arrived from Beauty21 containing 'sexy curves' mascara.  I have many, many curves of my own and to balance these curves with lashes is always my mission.  Loved the mascara but you see I am a weeper so I have to waterproof all the way, but that was ok I just layered on another favourite on top.

Not so sure about the orangy lipgloss though - but Isobel loves it.

Anywhere you can mix all you favourite brands is good for me - I mean who hasn't spent hours in Boots!  So in my package I had Rimmel and Elizabeth Arden Bronzer plus brush - looks good in compact but I haven't braved it yet, but I am sure I will!

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Muddling Along Mummy said...

Oh that sounds good - I'm searching for a perfect mascara too... usually end up with whatever is on offer