Monday, 31 May 2010

Forget the other animals this post is about my family

You know how cool it is to be surrounded by wonderful people who make you feel cool too?

I do.

I feel that way at all my family gatherings when I am surrounded by my cousins. Be it a happy or a sad occasion I love their company.

Last year my cousin Verity married the charming Owen and that very happy social occasion breathed life back into me.

Grandad passed away, and we drank far too much, slept in bunk beds and generally came together as a family.

Most recently my brother Ross and his lovely Mando married;they even took the brave step if having a two year old as a flower girl (luckily their other two flower girls were perfectly behaved) and the family danced again, as it seems only our family can. (My school friend was the Registrar - how grown up does that make me?)

Is it just that cousins is one of those relationships that demands nothing but means so much?

I can only hope that everyone feels this secure in their extended family as I do.


Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

How lovely. I have a few cousins with whom I feel immensely comfortable, but others not so much and an effort has to be made. I have two favourites on my mum's side of the family and one on my dad's. These are people I can sit and chat to for hours on end, without ever feeling awkward or like I have to explain myself.

It's lovely that you have such a good relationship with yours.

KendallJaye said...

My mom has a sister, with no children.
My dad has a sister and two brothers, with no children.
All I have are two younger brothers. I grew up completely cousin-less.
Can I borrow a few of yours?