Sunday, 9 May 2010

Skip to the loo my darling

This is my entry for the song title carnival. Given that the highlight of my day has been that my daughter has had a completely dry knicker day.

So, while I'm not qualified to give advice I can tell you what we did.

We waited. We waited until isobel was ready. Yes, she has been sitting on the loo for ages, but she has used it more as a library than a recepticle.

Last week things changed: Every night following her bedtime milk, we brushed teeth, sat on the loo and hey presto it happened! EVERY night.

This is why I decided to get on with it Two (very loooong) days at home to get it going. First wee on potty and she decided potty wasn't for her.

Nursery kind of helped and didn't; by Thursday they popped her in a nappy, while telling me pull ups were just the same.

We've used 'big girls knickers' and by that I don't mean Bridget Jones pants. Pull ups just for rare risky situations, but she still asks to go to the loo when wearing pull ups.

And in the last couple of days we have added a star chart to the mix. It's by the toilet so she can apply the stars in-situ.

So we are on day seven and I'm hoping the worst is done; I say worst but it really hasn't been too bad.

No, I haven't kept my daughter locked in the loo. We have been to the park, the cafe and the supermarket; poor little girl has been dragged to the loo in each of these places, well not the park.

(Confession: I hate public loos, it's only in the last few years that I have dared venture in them. Something tells me I will be visiting them a more frequently from now on. OMG imagine taking little girl into a portaloo at festival time, especially as she doesn't like it if someone has left 'messages' in the loo. Where did I put the nappies?)

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Kelly said...

Well done to both of you! Potty training is one of those things I am not really looking forward to but we have plenty of time before then!

KendallJaye said...


Proud of both of you for not losing your patience with each other.
Growing up, Mini-Me never met a potty she didn't like. This meant going to visit even if she didn't need to go but a dribble. She just wanted to check it out I guess. :)

Tawny said...

Well done you for waiting until she was ready. So many people don't and it comes back to haunt them!