Thursday, 29 April 2010

It had to be you

It is with a heavy and anxious heart that I write this post.

It may be hard for you to believe but that beautiful little girl of mine, the little girl who, quite literally, is my someone to bless me whenever I sneeze; the little girl who will sing herself to sleep and to school; the little girl who says 'lovu' down the telephone and always says 'alllright mummy' whenever I drop something (which is often) is ....

in danger of becoming a brat.

There I said it.

At nursery she has taken to smacking children who come near. Well that may be an exasperation, but her jealousy seems to know no bounds.

Now I know that jealousy stems from insecurity, but what I don't know is what to do about it?

Please don't get me wrong, she can be kind and there are days at nursery where she spends the day wiping noses and kissing upset children better.

But, these days are outnumbered by those where she is demanding, hardwork and out of control.

I love my daughter, PD loves his daughter, most people love her. But how long will that last?


Kate said...

Don't worry - she's just going through a phase. She'll be fine. Stay calm and stay firm!!

Smiffy's Blog said...

Yes, I would like to say it's just a phase and it will pass BUT it only gets worse....just wait till she's a teenager hun!! Sue ps Nice too meet you! x

TheMadHouse said...

Consitancy, whatever you choose to so, just stick at it. it worked for us with Mini when he was going through a horrible phase

Laura McIntyre said...

Sounds like my 3 year old, she is having alot of issues just now and its a nigthmare .
Hope it turns into nothing...