Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I miss Woolies

But I heart Paperchase.

I miss the pick and mix (pink shrimps and cherry bootlaces), the staple stationery, being able to buy emergency baby pjs, a cd or a washing line right there. I have never lived in a town without a Woolworths, until now, ow no-one has one! I know they are different the whole world over but here they were just... Woolies.

Luckily though, I LOVE Paperchase.
And so does Isobel.

But we have moved on from just cards and paper.

First it was her school bag:

Then her big art tin - which seems to be favourite at the moment.

She pushes it around; claps as she hands it over to be opened and then she settles down to some good old fashioned colouring, well drawing, well scribbling I suppose.

This week I bought a little book / lunch bag; very cute lunch pots; lovely travel spoon and fork and finally a pencil case for the pencls I carry around to amuse her when we are out (she is quite the little artist).

So I may not have a Woolies in my town anymore but I pass through Waterloo and it has a Paperchase!

Yay for putting a little colour in our lives.
(Oh and they do cool tea-towels. If tea-towels can be cool?)


Rachel said...

I love paperchase tea towels too. Particularly in the sale!

Sorry to hear about your back, hope you feel better soon. x

Maternal Tales said...

I just love that bag - have pencil case and pen tin with the same design. It's fabulous! Sorry about your back. That sucks :-(((