Friday, 13 March 2009

Who's a pretty boy then?

I hadn't realised how much like having a budgie raising a child could be. I spend ALOT of time saying 'who's a clever girl then'.

Actually I don't, I say 'clever girl' but it has a similar feel. Ok, it doesn't really but it crossed my mind and seemed like a reasonable, if somewhat tenuous, idea for a blog post.

Back to the post.

I do congratulate Isobel on her feats, a little 'clever girl' and an occasional clap goes a long way as encouragement. But, it has now got a little hazardous, Isobel now applauds herself.

For example: Every time she gets of the sofa backwards (about 20 times a day) she pauses as her feet touch the floor to await her congratulations, then she claps herself to remind you of how clever she is. No danger there though.

When Isobel claps because she has managed to fill her mouth from a fork it can be more than a little messy if said fork isn't quite empty.

Isobel can now stand on her own, unsupported for a few seconds. This always ends though when she claps herself for being so clever.

And there in lies the hazard. Or is it a simple case of pride comes before a fall...

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