Thursday, 19 March 2009

Me, me and more me

With Mother's Day around the corner there is a lot of chatter about how much 'me' time a mum actually gets.

Apparently according to

- 76.6% of mums feel that they neglect themselves in favour of putting their families first
- 60% of mums spend less than 30 minutes on themselves per day
- 25% of mums have a mere 15 minutes or less to themselves per day
- 67.5% of mums said they only treated themselves to a pampering session - like a massage, beauty treatment or long soak in the tub - ‘a few times a year’ or ‘never’
- 93.6% of the mums said that they wish they had more time to pamper themselves

Actually I cannot complain about me time - I get lots of it. Right now I'm sitting on the settee, watching Mistresses, eating chocolate and writing this.

I haven't had a haircut since October, a lie-in for over a year, a manicure since I don't know when.

It still counts a s a treat to put on heels and a pencil skirt and go to work, so that's about me too.

And then, because my work is erratic Isobel has nursery, and on my non-working nursery days I can go to yoga. Mind you it takes me the first half-hour to stop thinking about the shopping, the next thirty minutes convincing myself that this is just for me and my head, not just me trying to be thinner and prettier, the last half-hour thinking phew I've nearly done it. But, while I'm sweating, and contorting myself, there are moments when all I think about is what I'm doing, and that's cool.

The mean-reds have had me looking forward to my bed, burying myself in novels. How decadent is bed before eight with tea and toast for supper. (It may be sad, but I prefer to think of it as decadence.)

Because, when Isobel goes to bed of an evening there is just me. Me, me and more me. See lots of 'Me' time.

It's all about me.

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A Modern Mother said...

You just reminded me I need a hair cut...

nice post!