Monday, 29 June 2009

Tale of two brooms

I wouldn't say my girlie friends and I are messy, but a booze fuelled
picnic of bread and cheese in front of the rugby is bound to involve
some crumbage.

The level of crumbage scattered on the back of the dead cow on the
sitting room floor was obviously more than Isobel could take.

First she disapeared off into the kitchen and came back brandishing
the little broom.

When that was simply greeted with 'how sweet' she went back out to the

Determined to get us to clean up our mess, she returned with the full
size broom and proceeded to sweep the floor.

I took the hint and shook the rug out the front door.


SandyCalico said...

This helpful behaviour is to be encouraged! My toddler always brings me crumbs from the floor. I thank him and put them in my pocket.
I love watching them to see what behaviour they pick up on :-)

Working Mum said...

Oh my, I hope you were suitably shamed!

liz mcnamara said...

Loved your 2 broom story, my little boy is 18months old and obsessed with brushes so much so we've bought him a mini version of a broom and dust pan to try to prevent breakages as he wonders round the house struggling with a large broom! Hi my name is Liz McNamara and I'm write for The Hectic Mum blog, my partner in crime on the blog Louise has just found out she's pregnant at wait for it.....24weeks, half way through before she found out how wonderful!

clareybabble said...

Hee hee my son is exactly the same! He often comes in the morning after a night in with friends and says, 'what a mess Mummy!'