Thursday, 25 June 2009

Funny five minutes?

When I was younger and rowed with my Mum or simply hated the world so was crying, if my younger brother and sister approached me, I would always say I was having a 'funny five minutes'.

My funny five minutes probably ended up being a funny five years, but that's teenagers for you.

Isobel seems to be having her own funny five minutes at the moment.

At nursery I am no longer dismissed with a cheery wave, a 'bye' and a lovingly blown goodbye kiss. She no longer stands at the door to great her playmates with a 'hiya'. Nope instead she is to found clinging to the neck of her obviously lovely mummy. I have to hand her over to a carer for a cuddle, beat a hasty retreat (before I too cry) and pear through the window to make sure I have happily been replaced by toast.

Bath time is not a playful affair. Isobel happily climbs the stairs and once in the bathroom will present me with gifts from every corner, she will merrily wee on the bathroom floor and reach for the loo roll to mop it up. But put he in the bath and she shouts, clinging to the side for dear life she even attempts to climb out. Me, I wash her and her luscious locks as quickly as I can before snuggling her up in her towel like the precious little baby she is.

If I get in the bath too, of course everything is fine. But I like to bath with a glass of wine and not be in my pyjamas by 6:30.

So, is this just a funny five minutes or is it really going to last for five years?!


clareybabble said...

Hopefully not for 5 years!!! My son is always having funny five minutes too. Usually a spurt of hyperactivity or naughtiness! Kids... x

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

It might be more than 5 minutes, but probably not 5 years. I think it's the first mini (yes, sorry) bout of terrible twos. I remember Rosemary going through it and it lasted maybe a couple of weeks. And I was very happy and smug afterwards, assuming that that was it. Unfortunately, somewhere between two and three, you're likely to get another bout, which will probably last a lot longer and be a lot worse. (Probably. Some people manage to avoid it!)

Anyway, it's a mini reach for independence, coupled with a strong fear of said independence. Which is shown by her reaction when you drop her at nursery. And she'll also be finding it frustrating because she wants to do and say things, but isn't able to yet. If you can try to find things she can do for herself, that might help. Pouring some bubble bath into the bath, maybe, or giving her a sponge to wash herself with.

But, yes, this one shouldn't last too long.