Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Frankie says

I had a little treat today, yes just a little one.

I took up a Grazia offer to have a £59 facial for £20. It was all microdermabrasion and stuff, so not a long drawn out affair.

But something funy happens to me when I am told to lie down on a couch and relax, be it a facial like today or an osteopath treatment, I cry.

Great big blobby tears fight their way out of the corners of my eyes; I swear they are so big and blobby you can almost hear them hit the ground.

I guess I need to get better at relaxing.

(Got to say, the facial while not a pretty-pretty-pat-pat affair was extremely effective, I look like I've been on holiday!)

1 comment:

clareybabble said...

Oh I'd love a facial! Is it tears of relief that you've got 5 mins to lie down?!