Friday, 26 June 2009

(I can't think of a title right now)

At what age to children start to realise how embarressing their parents are?

I do have a reason for asking, not just that I think I have the potential to be an embaressing mother, I actually llike to think I'm quite a hip mother, oh no I think just saying that makes me embarressing anyway, I could have said 'I'm down with the kids' and that would have been worse.

Anyway, I digress, how unusual, oh no there I've gone again!


Back on track. The point of this post is...

On our way to nursery, Isobel and I always pass a doorstep that is occupied by a mother watching and waving to her boy as he goes to school. I'd hazard a guess, not a particularly educated one but, that he is around eight years old.

No, I don't think the watching and waving is the issue, it's the fact that she stands at the side of a busy road in her dressing gown. A red and white polka dot dressing gown.

I have noticed he doesn't even look back.

I think I should add this to my list of things not to do unless I deliberately want to p off my little girl.


Margarita said...

LOL, sometimes moms forget what it is to be 'normal'. lol. The most embarassing thing I do is answer the door in my housecoat, lol.

Working Mum said...

Is it the red polka dots that are embarrassing? Would pink and white stripes be okay? He he he!