Monday, 22 June 2009

Recycle Week

This week is recycle week and I have been tagged by the lovely Tasha to make a pledge for said occasion.

But I am struggling.

Here are the details:

This is what you need to do:
  • Visit and sign up to one of the pledges to waste less.
  • Share the details of your pledge on your own blog.
  • Chose five other bloggers, who will also be up for a bit of recycling fun.
  • Come back to this post at The Rubbish Diet and share your pledge with others, by placing a link to your pledge in the comments field.
  • Optional - as a thank you to all involved The Rubbish Diet will be publishing a British Mummy Bloggers' Recycle Week carnival on Monday 29th June. To be included, simply submit your favourite post revealing the progress of your pledge by Saturday 27th June - email to karen[at]therubbishdiet[dot]co[dot]uk.

Well, I am actually pretty good at recycling, I even keep shopping bags in the pushchair AND I have a small one in my handbag. I know, I know I should have a halo.

I did think about going 'waste free' for a day but I have a baby, babies don't do waste free. Even if you use terry (or whatever the equivalent is these days) nappies there is still a nappy liner.

So the only other contender was 'Left-overs for lunch' most of the week I only cook stir-fry and cook what I need. So I will plump (hopefully not literally) for this - a bit worried about the pile of potatoes I have at home but potato salad and smoked salmon sounds good. I don't think eating leftover-homemade Victoria Sandwich filled with fresh raspberries will be a problem!

Ok, I think it may be a bit late to tag people but just in case I tag (non mummy bloggers):

The non-maternal but funny Cat

Pants-on-the-outside Diary of a ledger

And the lovely newbie Butterfly girl


Monty said...

Online resource for finding local recycling centers - learn how to recycle and protect the environment at


I know what you mean thinking about what to do. I got stuck too, when I was asked to blog for Recycle Week, which is how it came to end up in a blog tag.

But I am so pleased you've joined in and it's not too late to tag other people either. Recycle Week lasts until 28th June, so I guess any time this week will do - although Saturday might just be pushing it :-D

Good luck to you and everyone else who joins in. Please feel free to add a progress post to the carnival. It would be great to see how you get on. :-D

A Modern Mother said...

Good for you joining the campaign. Good luck!

Laura McIntyre said...

Good for you for singing up, good luck with it