Monday, 1 June 2009

Genetic engineering?

I wish I'd listened a little closer when PD regaled me with his tales of childhood accidents: bits of tree lodged in his eye, broken bones, permanently grazed knees. It's surprising his Mum wasn't driven to an early grave. (Not to mention the fact he now lives a million miles away)

Mind you I was prone to putting holes in the knees of my tights, but nothing really serious, oh a bit of shoe polish eating and shutting my thumb in the hinges of a front door maybe, but nothing requiring an anaesthetic.

Isobel seems to have inherited an accident prone gene from one of us. True she is an adventurous, energetic little girl and I love her lively spirit but, I wish, I really wish I wasn't so familiar with the accident form at nursery.

I wish the application of arnica wasn't such a regular part of our bedtime routine.

I wish my daughter hadn't banged her head again.

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Perfectly Happy Mum said...

I can only know too well what you are talking about. My eldest son is now 27 months old and when he was roughly your daughter's age he was constantly injured due to falls. We use to call him jackass lad. I even thought of getting one of these foam helmets!
But now he is so much better and his sense of balance is just amazing. There is still the odd fall and there will always be, but he is so much better. Now it is my youngest who is taking over. He is 11 months and just learnt to stand up and tries to move quicker than he can, so I can't tell you how often he bangs his head! It seems worse than my first one! I am just hoping he will turn out to be like his brother...