Monday, 1 June 2009

15 months

I haven't done one of these for ages, so I think it's long over due.

My little girl is 15 months old today. Not a baby that I need to celebrate her first tooth or her rolling over. There are plenty of milestones ahead and we have met so many already.

I want to celebrate the fact that yesterday I asked her to pass me the butter from the fridge and she did.

She took a tea bag from the tin and put it in the cup, and then helped me measure out the sugar - we were halfway to making a cup of tea for her darling daddy.

She was helping Mummy. Helping her mummy in the kitchen.

Visions of jam tarts dance before my very eyes.


Anonymous said...

Aww how cute.... the little things really matter don;t they

Maternal Tales said...

Bless your little sausage - it's always the unexpected things that make you smile the most - like the realisation that she can follow instructions...pretty soon you'll be having a proper conversation with her - and then you'll be able to tell what she's really thinking!

clareybabble said...

Hi :) Every first is amazing! My daughter is learning so much at the moment and every day brings something new. I've been through it all once wth my son but it's still so exciting!