Thursday, 4 June 2009

Not so wordless Thursday

Ok, I hold my hands up, I took wordless wednesday a little too far and didn't actually post.

Now it's Thursday here are some of the actual words I have written lately:

To PD this morning:

You know the saying 'every little helps'?

Well, I just won £2 on the lottery, yep a whole £2.

Woo hoo, we're in the money....

To the Dishy Danish Dude who is helping me cycle:

Took a tumble off my new bike last week - hole in jeans, grazed knee, you know the sort of thing, comes hand in hand with a loss in confidence and dented pride. I'm 36 for g*ds sake, I should be able to master riding a bike.

To my boss at work:

Should I be mooing right now? (I'd sent a bolshy email)

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