Saturday, 13 June 2009

I wonder what today will hold

Yesterday afternoon I had absolutely no control over how we spent the time.

While I was putting a potato in the oven for little girl's tea, I casually mentioned going out on her bike afterwards.
As I pottered in the kitchen I could hear a 'Yeh. Yeh. Yeh.' coming from the dining room. I went to take a little look-see at what the game was.

Isobel was in the cupboard under-the-stairs pointing at her bike, going 'yes, yes, yes?'

I got the bike out and she climbed straight on. Ok she was facing the wrong way but it was clear what she was after. She even started saying 'Bye, bye,' just to prove it.

The she demanded to have her socksss and shoesss on. And that was it, we went out for tea and abandoned the potato (yes I switched the oven off).

In the cafe, as she fnished her tortellni, I mentioned going to the park when she was finished.

As I popped her back on her bike I noticed a bit of a whiff, a nappy requiring changing. The cafe loo is a bit small, so I headed towards Waitrose. A trip which involved crossing the road to the park.

Pointing back towards the park, Isobel again started with the 'yes, yes, yes?' (I can't believe she remembered where it is... it's quite scary)

We made it to the park with a now clean bottom, and little miss independent climbed the steps to the slide, turned round and slid down the slide backwards feet first.

(I was too busy catching her to take a slide picture.)

*update - today Isobel walked home from town, a good fifteen minute walk for adult legs; I have no idea how long it took us, but luckily we weren't in a hurry.

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Sparx said...

It's very scary how much they take in and remember from an early age hey? And no trouble communicating, clearly! Great to meet you today!