Friday, 12 June 2009

Not really a fear

But I am a little nervous about the mummy bloggers meet on Sunday.

I'm trying to just be excited.

I'm trying not to ponder what one wears when meeting 'virtual' friends
for the first time. I'm trying to pretend it's no big deal.

I am excited, but please remember that I talk when nervous, so if you
find yourself face to face with a babbling fool on Sunday be kind, she
is not overly confident, just overwhelmed.

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Perfectly Happy Mum said...

Don't you worry sweetie! We are all in the same boat. Just look for the mad woman trying to organise 3 other people: husband and 2 blonde super hero in the making, and let's chat :) Are you coming with your little girl?

Maternal Tales said...

I think we're all worrying just a little bit!!! I'm coming on my own with the two little terrors so I probbaly won't even have time to speak to anyone ;-(
I'll just be red in the face and stressed...

Looking forward to meeting you anyway x