Friday, 5 June 2009

I risk being struck down by lightening

Todays post is fearless in itself because I am risking the wrath of those-who-stand-in-judgement-of-others.

Having written about how upset I was not to be putting my baby in bed last night, I have decided to leave her at Nursery for the afternoon.

I will explain myself - even though I shouldn't really have to.

I have a cold that appears to have gone to my chest, in fact if it was 'the old days' I would blame it on the social activity of holding a Marlborough light (obviously I wouldn't have inhaled!) or second hand smoke, I am wheezing like I consumed my whole duty free allowance. So, I think a trip to doctor is order.

Also, we had planned a lovely garden play date, but the weather is as miserable as I am, so she will have more fun at nursery.

And I can sleep and be ready for a fun packed weekend.

Actually yes that's what I will do, I will investigate options for under twos on a rainy weekend.

Worse case scenario we may try baking, such a tough life!


Tawny said...

You go for it! I will confess with you, sometimes I would take an afternoon off and leave K at nursery when I was ill too. Sometimes you just have to.

Laura McIntyre said...

If my kids went to nursery i would send them to , i would not even feel guilty about it. You done the right thing imo