Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Work related randomness

I'd forgotten how difficult it is to walk up escaltors in high heels
and a tight skirt.

I no longer know the best place to get on the train to maximize the
chance of getting a seat, last time I did this I was sporting a rather
large bump that pretty much guaranteed me one. That said I did get a
seat today.

I am working right by the steps of St Pauls, a glorious London
location but as god doesn't get many text messages the mobile
reception is rubbish.

This is the client at which I met PD so it's all a little nostalgic;
without those sunny lunches on the steps and in the yard of the
cathedral we wouldn't have Isobel.

I was once hit on by a senior member of staff here and am now
surrounded by good looking, well dressed French men who smell of
cologne and ashtrays. And very thin French women who have never eaten
a skinny muffin let alone a chocolate gateux.

All day it has been odd to think i have a daughter, but now I am on my
way home and I have a knot of excitement in my tummy.

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