Saturday, 31 January 2009

I have the answer

Holly started it and then Jo Beaufoix joined in an extremely funny post on Thursday, I hope they don't mind but it really has been on my mind.

The more I think about it, the more I know that erradicating snot would solve the problems of the world.

I mean if we didn't have green gunky stuff flowing from our noses I wouldn't have made the sleeves on my brown convent coat silver, and it would needed washing less often which would have been better for the environment. Also I wouldn't have been made to look at the contents of the tissue after my nose had been blown and who knows what personality flaws I could have avoided then, and, and I wouldn't have had to suffer the humiliation of being teased when I confess my deep dark secret to any beau - I have never picked my nose. Is there a name for bogey phobia?

And, AND, I wouldn't have to inflict the indignity of picking thick crust of my daughter's nose in the morning.

Not to say how many trees would be saved if we didn't have to make so many tissues.

See it's not a selfish desire to rid the world of this, I really am thinking of everyone, when I say lets eradicate snot.

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