Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot or My drug of choice

(Pick which ever title you prefer, this post has been waiting two weeks to be written and may now be past it's prime, so I can't decide.)

I think I'm replacing sex with yoga. The Wednesday before last (nearly two weeks ago if you like) I discovered yoga, Bikram yoga to be precise, Hot yoga. Yep, in a room heated to 100 degrees you get sweaty and bendy - see it's a lot like sex really.

The first time I went, I spent more time being hot and sweaty than doing yoga, but apparently that's what you are meant to do. So, a bit like first time sex really, lying there not exactly sure what goes where but getting warm in the process.

But, I loved it. And I have been nine back nine times so it must be doing something right. It's done my head far more good than any pills I've popped.

Loving the yoga, loving the people* and loving the fact that I have time to do it. I'm aiming for six times this week - at last I'm getting some action!

Mind you I'll be glad when my pilsbury dough tummy begins to disappear, you see for heats sake I let it all hang out, but having to spend and hour and a half (unlike sex there is no such thing as a quickie) looking at it is tough, especially when at a size 12 I am often the biggest in the class!

* I used to do Pilates, and yes I loved that too, but the classes were always a bit cliquey, it was only my teacher I really got to know. At yoga everyone, well most people, are so chilled friendly and nurturing, it's a completely different vibe - see I'm a hippy at heart.)

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