Thursday, 8 January 2009


I have been nicknamed the Random Thought Generator by the International Man of Mystery next door, a name I earned for a commuter train discussion on whether or not you can sneeze in your sleep.

Anyway, as I already have this title I may as well share with you two random thoughts I have in my head at this very moment in time.

Why don't they use Weetabix in the building trade? It's super super absorbent, soaks up however much milk you happen to have in the fridge, and it sets like concrete. Isobel's high chair is a testament to that.

Number two: How wonderful is it, when having spent a delightful afternoon chatting about boys and babas over champagne with a friend and her beautiful little girl, that having put your own baby to bed, you find a whole glass of champagne still in the bottle. Thank you Erica and little Genny-May.

Oh, sorry I have one more thought: Has anyone seen the remote control? I suspect it has been 'posted' somewhere by she-who-is-now-peacefully-slumbering.


Anonymous said...

welcome back , this blg sounds like the Zoe we know and love!

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

I think R's old high chair is still encased in the stuff. Since I wasn't (am still not) the most domesticated of people, it would get a bit of a wipe down most days, but a thorough clean would normally be left until the in-laws were visiting. One time it took me an hour and a half and I swear there was still Weetabix in the clips.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Maybe there could be weetabix sculptures too. Set it in a mold, let it dry then chip away at it until you have a modern day David. Sighhh. Lovely. :D

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

I think it would be more likely to be a wall splattering more suited to grace the walls of the Tate Modern, rather than anything Davidesque.

Perhaps we could all get together and do an installation for the turbine hall?

katierocket said...

agree about Weetabix! Apologies for the intrusion but is there a way I can contact you? I'm sure you hate this kind of approach but I wanted to email you something that I'm working on about the true value of housework. Would love your thoughts/input.