Friday, 23 January 2009

A brief hiatus

For the last couple weeks I have been living the life of Riley. Well, that is if you ignore a few things, such as the fact that my mortgage payment bounced; as did my payment to the tax man; bouncing payments have cost me £100 in bank fees; at one point I only had the pound in my purse to my name and my card was refused in Waitrose; I had a panic attack that meant I missed a 'speedawareness' course so now have to pay £60 and have 3 more points on my licence; my daughter spent the day I was due to have an interview being sick so I missed it.

If you ignore these things I've had a great time.

My mornings have consisted of playing with Isobel, dropping her at nursery, going to Waitrose, posting the items I have sold on eBay that day (I am slowly selling off my worldly possessions) and making it in time for the 10 am yoga class. In fact I have been to yoga 6 times in the last seven days.

My afternoons have been spent playing with Isobel, occasionally drinking champagne, more often tea and brownies with friends.

My Sundays are lovely, for the last two weeks PD has looked after Isobel so I can go to yoga, they go shopping and then PD has cooked an early 4pm dinner so we can all eat together. Nice. Very, VERY, nice.

So, how is the yoga going? Well, two sessions of Bikram Yoga did more for my head than a month of anti-depressants. In the 16 days since I started I have been 11 times - I love it. Am I more bendy? Maybe a little but I think I might just be more brave! My tummy is still doughy, but I can see evidence of muscles there somewhere. We have to 'lock' out our joints, I must say the only thing of mine I can guarantee is 'locked out' is my nipples, they spend the whole class, rather embarrassingly, pointing towards the mirror; hey, it pays to advertise. Have I mastered anything? Yes, I have mastered rolling up my yoga mat really really tight.

Why is this post called 'A brief hiatus'? Because I am going to work on Monday, yep I will soon be a working Mum, albeit part-time. An old client, an old colleague is employing me three days a week with flexible hours, it's a contract so we'll see how long it lasts, but it's what I said I wanted.

Best get my suits out the loft and practice wearing heels.

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