Monday, 26 January 2009

Today was my first day as a working Mum. In fact it was pretty much my first working day for a year!

And I can’t believe had to face every working Mums worst dilemma on my first day – my child was not well and I STILL took her to nursery.

She has a nasty cold and although had no temperature (obviously she had a temperature, but you know what I mean) this morning, it had been the afternoons when she had been sickest. And, this morning was the first morning ever she hadn’t wanted to stay at nursery. Heavy hearted I commuted, but was slightly, only slightly, appeased by the knowledge that PD was working from home.

I checked at 10:30 and she was snotty but fine. (Stacking bricks, my little genius - possibly using the snot to cement them together, who knows.)

By 3pm she had a fever and was being given Calpol, PD was dispatched to pick her up. After he wrestled with the pushchair (he’s never had to put it up before!) he took her home.

At this point I had no pc and was being of no discernable use in the office , so I just couldn’t stay.

My first day and I left even early than the early I had agreed!

Not a great start it has to be said. I guess this is why I have taken a 40% pay cut.

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