Saturday, 24 January 2009


My little girl has just fallen off the bed, and it's all my fault.

My 'go down backwards' training obviously hasn't worked yet, instead I
turned my back and...




God, I was glad to hear the wail. Not so glad to see a bruise the size
of a small country on her forehead.

Sh*t I'm a cr*p mum. Overwhelmed by guilt, but trying to tell myself
these things happen. It's not time to call social services yet.

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Anonymous said...

Jasper fell down the stairs today (the 3 steps to the bathroom only luckily) I need wine tonight to get over it (J fine) and we're far from crap mums...x

Anonymous said...

My little girl fell down the stairs when she was about 1.5. i was downstair writing an email and she was upstairs walking round in my shoes. First I heard there were two bumps and she was at the bottom of the stairs. She suffered a greenstick fracture and a bright pink plaster. Had to answer so many questions by complete strangers about how she did it. I still feel bad to this day. These things happen though (and if there is a lesson I learned it was that stair gates are essential).