Monday, 20 April 2009

A scary insight into my morning mind

This morning I was having a dilemma. A dilemma of the what-shall-I-wear-to-work kind, I'm sure you all have them, unless you wear a uniform of course or are a boy...

Anyway, I couldn't decide between the pencil skirt and heels look or the tea-dress and Mary Jane's.

After shower I went with the former; doubted whether it suited my mood, so set out to change. In the end I compromised with a less tight pencil skirt, a frill-fronted open neck blouse, red Mary Jane's and, what can only be described as a 'scoop- neck' 'tank-top'.

I then pondered whether scoop-neck was the appropriate term, but more importantly are 'tank-tops' still called 'tank-tops', or is there a far more 'down with the kids word for it - it came from Oasis after all.

By now the word 'Tank-top' was filling my head and all I could think of was Frank Spencer, and I silently 'ooh Betty-ed' all the way to Nursery.

My sanity was saved by a girl carrying a pink watering-can shaped handbag - now I have Radiohead singing in my mind.

A definite improvement.

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Anonymous said...

How do you manage showers in the morning, with a toddler? I am very impressed. My mornings with my two year old consist of me chasing her with a hair brush, trying to get tights on her while she protests or shuffling her back indoors as she tells just as I go to close the front door: 'mummy. I done poo'.