Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ghost Busters

There is something weird in my neighbourhood.

You remember that beautiful, happy, independent angel child I'm always going on about?

Well, in the last 24 hours she has been possessed. Possessed by the spirit of a terrible-twoer. I have had crying for two hours in the night - she has NEVER done that before. And tantrums, gosh she can throw a wobbly.

Tonight, with cornflour in her hair (nursery - don't ask), desperately requiring a bath to wash it out, she cried so hard I thought she'd explode. She was so clingy I ended up getting in the bath with her and then she was happy.

Does anyone have the number for ghost busters? Or a catholic priest?

As much as I admire spirit, I'd quite like to exorcise this one sooner rather than later.


Maternal Tales said...

My littlest one was a complete angel until she turned two. Seriously - almost to the day. Since then she has thrown a tantrum at least 3 times a a day. Only another 7 months to go!

PS - I do have a number of a Catholic priest!!

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Oh dear. I would like to offer promises that it will get better and will just be a phase, but... It will get better and you will be so relieved that you're finished with the tantrums and have managed to avoid the terrible twos. Then they will come full on and you will be wishing to go back to today.

Maybe. Or maybe you'll be lucky.

Sorry. That was so incredibly unhelfpul!