Friday, 10 April 2009

Clear as a Bel

Isobel has articulated very clearly her first proper word.

I don't mean mama or even dada, nor any of the other sounds that sound
like words.

Nope, today Isobel very clearly said 'Daddy'! And she said it
approriately. I'm not spitting as many chips as I thought I would be!
I just tell myself it's because I taught it to her. (You just knew I'd
take the credit somehow.)

Oh, she also said 'bye', not the ba ba we've known to be 'bye' for so

Love her, she has been absolutely delightful today.

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Anonymous said...

that girl? has left a new comment on your post "Clear as a Bel":

Love those first words! One of Small Child's first words was Waitrose! Too much supermarket time me thinks! Love your blog x