Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Last night was a big occasion for me, it was the first time in Isobel’s 13 month life I haven’t put her to bed. I found saying good by to her at nursery that morning very tough. I knew she’d be fine but would I cope?

My head knew she’d be ok, and that was exactly what my heart was worried about, what if she didn’t miss me…

Well, she didn’t; she and PD were just fine without me, I think what that means for the future scares me even more… heigh ho best I get used to the idea that she will have a life without me before she is 18!

Anyway, there was a very good, and quite swanky reason I missed the pleasure of bedtime: I was attending a private viewing of a charity photo exhibition and in amongst the photos of various celebs and sportsmen, was one of me.

The Willow Foundation is a charity really dear to my heart, it’s set up by Bob and Megs Wilson (who now treat me like a VIP!) to provide special days for seriously ill young adults (bit like Shooting Stars but for 18-40 year olds). For some reason, even though I’ve been interviewed for their DVD and a book, not to mention done countless speeches in front of hundreds of people for them, I can’t seem to write about it here.

Grab some tissues, go to thewebsite, watch the video, I’ll post the picture and the book extract at some point.

Maybe then you’ll understand, or maybe not – I'm not sure I do.

For now here's a picture Isobel with Bob and Meg the day we made the DVD last summer.

Meanwhile, for an evening I was reminded that there is a slightly glamorous side to me, and as much as Willow say I do for them, they have given me far more than they can ever imagine, and not just because of James.

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