Thursday, 9 April 2009


Apparently that's how I look today.

So while my daughter has regained her angel status, I, it seems have not.

According to the friend I have just had lunch with, I've lost my inner light and am appearing in more ways than one to be very, very dull.

I would dispute it but it's true. My light is hidden under an extremely cumbersome bushel of financial doom and gloom. My 'it's only money' mantra is stuck on 'it's only...'

He's right I need to pull myself towards myself and find the me again. My backs better so it's back to yoga tomorrow.

I'm actually not being sarcastic when I say I'm excited. It's a start.

Meanwhile, if you see me wandering aimlessly without so much as a rucksack on my back, can you point me in my direction because I am looking for me.


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