Friday, 24 April 2009

I want to ride my bicycle...

This morning I was to be found in a playing field with a rather fit, and quite nicely tall Danish Dude. And I returned home with a slightly sore bottom.

Ok so the title kind of gives it away, it wasn't the DD I was straddling, I was learning to ride a bike.

Ten years ago I had a lesson but now it's serious; I must learn to ride a bike before Isobel does!

I mean since that lesson ten years ago, I can ride a bike; if by ride you mean propel a bicycle from A to B without falling off. But, if by 'ride' you mean go in a straight line, with minimal wobbling and be confident enough to lift hand and look over shoulder (as is necessary to turn a corner), well that is another matter.

( I wasn't even sure about the ability not to fall off after 4 years of bottom not touching saddle)

I wobble, I weave, I grip the handle bars so tightly I think my knuckles will burst out of my skin.

I have never ridden on a road (lots of lovely cycle paths in the borough of Richmond) and to fulfill the image in my head of me in a summer frock cycling to yoga or taking babe and picnic on the back, well I'm a long way off. Even after that 2 hour lesson kindly paid for by the City of London.

I have to practice, which is cool, but hard to do when you can't take babe, and if can't practice can't get confident enough to take babe...

I have two weeks before the next lesson and the DD wants to be able to take me out on a proper ride!


stefanie said...

a friend of mine was so un-stable on a bike with 2 wheels that she got a adult trike with a basket which her small boy sat in.the other thought it a Proper bike,not a mountain where you are more sat up than leaning over..much more elegant..

actually ask the DD they have lovely bikes over there.

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

S'ok an appropriate bike has been aquired thanks to: the City of London, bike shop sale and my accountant.