Thursday, 19 February 2009

What's a mummy to do

Isobel is sick AGAIN.

Tonsillitis, followed by another virus and now she can't keep down her milk.

I know they get more bugs at nursery, just think about it, it's not just the children she plays with she is exposed to, it's their siblings and their friends and so on and so on....

But, come on, give me a break. Isobel has been nearly permanently poorly since I started work.

And now once again I have had to call in and say I'm not coming, it kind of makes me feel stupid. We need the money, I can't rely on PD forever.

But, the biggest worry is that maybe I am doing something wrong, maybe there is something I can do to stop this happening; have I sent her to nursery when I shouldn't have?

My aunt told me that as a parent my place would be 'in the wrong' but I didn't expect it to be ALWAYS.


Tawny said...

Sorry my friend, we as mums are always in the wrong. The reason she is getting sick is she is having no chance to get over something when the next thing hits. I went through a stage like this when K was about 1. Evevntually she will 'harden up' and then she will be like K and throw colds off in a day. K started nursery when she was 6 months, there is no 'bad' time. It gets better, honestly.

Anonymous said...

Given yesterday's 'post', has she maybe OD'd on milk?!! (CM)

Almost American said...

When she starts school, she'll be sick far less often than her classmates who've never been to nursery school because she's already been exposed to all those bugs. It's OK. You're doing the right thing. She needs you to have a job, earn money and provide for her future - especially in today's economic climate!