Thursday, 19 February 2009


Isobel has an ear infection and yes she has started on the bright
yellow amoxycillan.

The doctor assured me that I did the right thing about the last lot,
but did I?

This lot is half the dose for half the the time so that must be
better, mustn't it?

Now I just need to get her to keep some fluid down and give the
washing machine a rest!

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Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Poor thing. I'm sure you did do the right thing, yes. They are necessary occasionally, but the less you can get away with, the better. Hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just read your post and I can SO relate to how you are feeling as a mum (poor little Isobel)....Since he started school, my son Tristan (almost 10 months)also seems to suffer from these horrible ear infections which just seemed to come one after the other (the occasional bout of tonsilitis too - just for a bit of variety). He also seemed to permanently be on an antibiotic, which surely cant be a good thing, and I shudder to think what they are doing to his pearly little whites either! Then someone suggested I give him probiotic drops, which I do - 5 oil based drops every evening - and since Ive started him on those about 6 weeks ago(touch wood ;) ) he has been perfectly a-ok.
Oh yes, also want to compliment you on the new look n feel of the blog - looks fab!!

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Anon, I might try that. This is her first batch of said antibiotics but they may help her fight the nursery germs.

Tasha, thank you.